Is There Room for Video Games in Day Nurseries?

Ofsted want day nurseries to focus on how they promote technology and this is encouraged through the EYFS framework. The majority of day nurseries will either have a tablet of some sort or one of those big iPad’s as the main focus of technology for their settings, but my question is should we be accommodating video games?

My answer is yes. Let me break it down for you.

Firstly, I’m talking about children aged 3 and up here and to point out the obvious ‘suitable games.’

Could you imagine mom coming to pick her child up and asking how’s he’s been for you to reply “yeah not so bad, he did rage quit a game of FIFA though and smashed the telly, other than that he’s been golden.”

Too much of one thing is a bad thing right?

We limit the iPad and tablet times for children, but there’s a benefit to allowing those activities to happen other than because Ofsted said so.

I feel there are multiple benefit’s here for video games as well.

Take Mario Karts on the Wii as the example. You are looking at turn taking and sharing (a huge part of what we try and embed into 3- and 4-year olds).

Then there’s the hand eye coordination of navigating the car around the track. Dealing with winning, losing and perseverance of getting better at something new.

And lastly the characters in the game. Being able to pick their favourite character and the extended learning you can then take from that as a practitioner. Firstly, you’ve got the creative stuff you can do, then, build a track out of blocks to race their cars around and build a ramp to race them down (include water play). Also, their imagination. Pretending to be a race car driver when outside…. And they go by their favourite characters name Mario!

There are other suitable games out there with these types of benefits. I don’t encourage it as everyday activity, but why can’t it be a part of the planning?

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