Do You Give Responsibilities to Children?

Children love to be your helper! So, are you giving them reasonable tasks and jobs to match?

Let’s take a few examples of what we could consider reasonable;

Setting up the dinner table. Helping clean up after food. Picking out the book for story time. Helping to carry something important.

Children love this type of delegation. This does not however include tidy up time; we all know children feel the complete opposite for this!

What I want you as practitioners to understand here is the importance of why you should give out these tasks.

I look at a lot of teenagers and young adults and see that important skills are missing. They have an education and there bright, but they don’t have life skills.

At the age of 7 and 8, maybe even younger, I would stand at the kitchen sink after tea with another sibling at my Nan and Granddad's house. One would wash, one would dry. (pots were to be washed up by the person who dried up though, don’t ask why, nobody knows)!

When I was a little older, I would fetch my grandad his newspaper. When I was older than that, I learnt how to cook a sausage sandwich and then use the oven and then at the latest point I could leave it to, I then picked up an Iron!

Nowadays, children, teenagers and young adults are not doing enough for themselves, its all being done for them, even to the point of they won’t use public transport or won’t even type in two postcodes into google maps to find out where to go!

If a child understands they have a responsibility to do something, it gets them critically thinking (characteristic of effective learning). Your giving them something purposeful and meaningful to them. If this process starts with them at a young age, it can enhance them having some decent life skills when their older.

Most importantly as a practitioner, its how you sell it to the children. Don’t make the job sound like a chore, make it sound important and valuable and task worthy.

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What other responsible jobs do you give out to children?

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