Investing In Your Staff Couldn't Get Cheaper

If you take pride in up-skilling your staff and keeping their knowledge up to date, chances are your investment can feel pricey! There is a website where you can access a bundle of great online courses for your staff members and pay very little.

With access to over 130 courses (not all relevant to childcare and education) at a cost of £2 per month per candidate/ employee. Courses include safeguarding, child protection, food hygiene, introduction to the EYFS and more. Best of all, there’s no commitment. Once your employee leaves you can de-register them. You can recommend a course for your employee to do and put a deadline on it as well. You see their certificates at the end, so you can save it straight to their file. The website is easy to manage, the layout is brilliant and there’s technical support on hand if you are struggling. As an agency, we register all of our workers onto Azillo and encourage our supply staff to access relevant courses to their role. Our supply staff must complete the child protection course as part of their clearance to work and any other personalised recommendations we give them as part of their induction with us. After that, they can use the rest of the time for their own CPD. Why not give it a try, without spending a fortune.

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