Agency Work ay! Cor be doing with that!

As an assumption, modern day agency work isn’t looked at as an ideal option for people to choose. People have rent and mortgages, children and other commitments that need a secure position of work to help fund these bills. Zero hour contracts again are inconsistent, and when you hear stories of employers abusing the zero hour contract system, and their workers on these contracts; it’s not surprising that people want to avoid them.

So why choose agency work?

I’ve been a recruitment consultant now for just over 6 months. Our ethos is that we are a ‘Caring Community Company,’ and work in the best interests of the candidate. For example, if they want to up thier skills and experiences to gain a permanent position in the future, then that’s what we work towards. This can be working on a flexible basis that suits the candidates needs.

I have found permanent work, offered fixed positions of work and offered apprenticeships for over 13 staff members on my agency since April 2015. As well as, 5 have left the agency because they have found secure work themselves, and 2 have left to go to university and continue their studies. In a short amount of time, I have worked intensely with these people to help them achieve their dream goals.

Getting a job in a childcare setting where you have no knowledge of the revised statutory framework and may have been out of work for a long time, isn’t going to happen straight away. You need to up your professional skills. Things change all the time, this is where we come in. We give the candidate that chance to rebuild confidence and skills. We work with the candidate to rekindle knowledge of the statutory framework and we give the most important factor needed and that is ‘opportunity to learn.’

Through my agency, I can offer a candidate day to day opportunities where you need to be flexible and adaptable to new situations and new settings. I can offer short and long term placements where they can continually work and develop in one setting and we offer opportunity through our own day nursery. out of school club and mobile creche services.

I might not be able to offer you 16 ‘guaranteed’ hours a week, I might not be able to offer you work in just one setting, but I can offer you the biggest stepping stone that you need to help you achieve that dream job and dream role. Your future!

That’s why you should choose agency.

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