The Importance of the DBS Update Service

I talk to a lot of people through working in recruitment. When i'm asking candidates if they have a DBS registered with the update service and they reply to me I don't know what that is, I find it very surprising. The DBS service update has been around a long time now, and when a candidate I speak to has not long finished a college course or had been bank staff for another nursery three months ago, I do feel that it is the tutors and the managers who have to take an element of responsibility for making them aware of the service. Chances are at this moment in time a vast number of candidates don't know about the update service, but we as childcare consultants, school, college tutors and nursery managers all should know, and it is our responsibility to educate these people about the benefits of using this service.

So what is the importance of the DBS update service? In those 28 days from receiving a DBS, you register online and pay the yearly subscription of thirteen pounds allowing the DBS to become transferable. This means that as long as the person pays that yearly subscription, they can take that DBS to any job with them if they are moving around without having to fork out for a new one every time. I recall once, I had three different DBS' at one time. One for the nursery I worked at, one for the Drama therapy placement I did, and one for the Leisure centre I worked at on a Saturday morning. If the DBS service was around when I was doing all this, I would of just needed one, that was registered with the update service.

So my plea to you is; If you know about the service, help educate those around us who don't.

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