Rose Garden Creations


Solutions 4 Educare are proud to work alongside a very talented and Sandwell born craftsmen who wants to share his creations with you and your settings.


This, is John's story................


Since the birth of my granddaughter, I decided to create some wonderful garden furniture for her to enjoy the pleasure of being outdoors. Isabella-Rose has inspired me to share these furnishing with you and your settings.


All purchases come with a 12 months guarantee.


Everything in the brochure is handmade- and made to order


All prices are FREE of VAT


Feel free to call for dimensions and sizes of products


*Command Post may need to be built on site of purchase- please enquire about this if

interested in purchase


Other purchases you can enquire for: shed doors, gates, fencing


For further enquiries or purchase of any of these products, please call Richard

on 07825 837 969

Physical walkthrough
price TBC
Dolls House/ Imagination house
price TBC

Planter: £45 for 1 £80 for 2

Storage Bunker: £300

Block Play: 6 blocks: £15

36 blocks CASED

(Alphabet / 1 to 10): £110

Personalised name blocks: £3.00 per block

Story Chair: £500


Story Circle block seats (8): £500

Block Play: Various shapes and sized blocks. price TBC 
Mud Kitchen: £230

Kitchen (indoor or outdoor) £550

(Hobs not included)

Please be mindful that at point of purchase, their maybe a small inflation of price if the cost of wood increases. as it tends to do occasionally.

John does not make these structures for profit, he has a hobby he enjoys and wants to share this with others, so please be respectful that he can't run at a loss. 

Planting Table: £150

Command Post* £1000