FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

 We get asked lots of questions about agency work not just by candidates and our workers, but clients and prospects to. Below are a list of our most asked, and hopefully the answer to them. The answer to your questions for us may be below too!

Candidates ASK

What's the pay rate?

It depends on the job role you're being offered. All our rates are displayed with the jobs you apply for and you can find them on our vacancies page HERE: http://ow.ly/O67b50yBiOv

For every hour you work, you accrue holiday pay, which you are entitled to and can take on anytime.

Do you have work near me?

If you've applied for a job role where the location is listed as the same as where you live, then yes we will have work in that area and very possibly close by also. We won't put you under any pressure to travel and go to any areas you are not comfortable going too, that is our promise to you!

How often will I be working?

Work can vary. We have minimum bookings from 2 -3 hours and can have up to 9 - 10 hour days. Each client and booking is different.

Can I come in and register today?

Ultimately - No! The reason being, we interview every candidate before making an offer to register with our agency. It is a requirement for us that you have the appropriate qualification, skills and suitable clearance for all the roles that we offer through our agency. 

What is the update service?

The update service is a government service that makes your DBS transferable. you only have 28 days from date of DBS issue date to register it, more details HERE: http://ow.ly/oQ9Y50yBjUr

Is this permanent work?

All jobs advertised with us will clearly state if it's temporary or permanent. As an agency, we pride ourselves on being very clear with people what type of work we have on offer. All jobs listed HERE: http://ow.ly/R1E150yBlcV

What is agency work?

The work varies from on the day to advance notice. This could be the Friday before the following week, the night before, a few days before and even a few weeks in advance. Then there are contracts that you can be offered so you know you have some guaranteed hours each week (which is nice).

As an agency worker, you're able to dictate your availability each week and we can offer you work around that. The more available you are, the more chance we can offer you more consistent opportunities to work with our fantastic clients. You have the flexibility to accept or decline work offered on a day to day basis however, if you accept work, we expect you to honour the booking,

BLOG: http://ow.ly/TrRJ50yBleT

What is the start date of this position?

Most clients will want you to start asap, However, appropriate clearance to work is imperative. 

What is the name of the company that is advertising the role?

Until we are in a position to send you for an interview or to work, we will not disclose the name of our client to you. This is for genuine business purposes. Its not something were deliberately keeping from you, but we have to protect certain data until the time is right to share. we hope you understand.

Can I have full days of work?

On the agency, we have lots of work on offer. Starting from 2 -3  hours up to 9 - 10 hours a day. Each placement is different depending on our clients requirements. There are full days on offer, but we can' guarantee this everyday, unless we can offer a contract (which does happen)

When do I get paid?

We pay our staff every second Friday between business hours for work they did for the previous two weeks. Late time sheets delay this payment going in, and we encourage all our staff to send their time sheets in by every Monday 10am. 

Will you pay for my travel?

There maybe a rare time where we can offer paid travel, but this is for special circumstances that is agreed by the manager. It is the workers responsibility to get themselves to work, whether this is by car, train, bus, taxi, or plane!

Do you use an umbrella company?

No- we operate a PAYE system within our own company. What this means is that, there are no hidden fees.

Do I have to work till 6?

Some clients we work with are open till 6 or beyond. You have the flexibility to accept or decline work offered on a day to day basis however, if you accept work, we expect you to honour the booking,

Do you have work in the holidays?

We do have some work in the holidays. This can vary. Typically we are quieter and have more out of school club work on offer, however there are times where clients still require our staff. This work is prioritised to our current active workers wanting work, and not candidates who only want to register for the 6 weeks holiday period. 

Can I work somewhere close to where I live?

We are always transparent about which areas our work is. Our consultants will always give you honesty when it comes to telling you where our most active work is. All job roles advertised through us will tell you what areas it refers to and what type of job role it is. Its then up to you to decide if you're happy to be considered for work in those areas. Click here for info about all our live jobs: http://ow.ly/O67b50yBiOv

Do you have any work for me this week?

Work comes in at all times of the week. We have bookings for advance work and calls on the day. We also get asked for short / long term contracts to start immediately  Naturally with all agency work, there all busier times than others, and some weeks may feel quieter, but what we are transparent about with all our workers is the nature of the work they are signing up for.

Can you offer me work in between school hours?

Yes - but if you're after a role as a Teaching Assistant then no, unless you're available between 8.30am - 3.30pm.

There is work on offer in between schools hours but this can be quite limited. if a client requires somebody to work a full day, then this work will be offered to somebody with matching availability. The more available you are, the more work you're likely to be offered. 

What is AWR? (Agency Worker Regulations)

Agency Worker Regulations is a right to you - the agency worker. Its a clock that stops, starts, pauses and restarts. Once you've done 12 weeks at a particular clients or council, you hit AWR. This means you are entitled to the benefits of somebody who would be employed at the place you're at doing the same job role. In a school role, the benefit could be an increase in pay. Other benefits could be discount off your childcare or a uniform

Do I have to come to your office to register?

If you live in an area quite far from our office, and you will be working in areas not close to where we are then we will meet you. We have hot sports around the West Midlands which makes it easy for us to come and meet you and sign you up. What is important is that you bring all correct documentation with you on the day, especially ID and certificates. Failure to do this means it will delay your start date and you may have to meet us at the office next time to verify any outstanding documents. Sign up with us here: http://ow.ly/Y5n850yBj5S

Do I have to pay for my DBS

Yes. See a DBS as your permit to work. We appreciate that the DBS fee may not be affordable at the time you are due to register with us, but we are not in a position to pay for candidates' DBS as there is no guarantee they will stay with us for very long. If we make you an offer to work on our agency, but you can't afford the payment straight up, we are happy to wait a short while for you, and we put no pressure on you to pay for your DBS at any point. Being able to put it on the DBS update service is advised to every candidate. More details on that HERE: http://ow.ly/oQ9Y50yBjUr

What documents do I need to bring at induction?

We will verbally tell you over the phone every document we need to see from you and then we follow it up with an email. Typically we need to see; your ID and certificates, there's an application form and induction documents for you to complete beforehand (ideally) and the link to start your DBS process needs to be started as well (link in the induction email we send out). Some candidates may be asked to bring other documents in and this is identified and discussed before the induction appointment. If you forget ID, or don't bring the right documents in, this can mean that you have to come back to us on another occasion as we need to be satisfied that we've seen the correct documentation from you. Its important you are satisfied you have what we are asking for, and if you are unsure before your appointment, we always encourage you to call and chat to us first. Register with us here: http://ow.ly/Y5n850yBj5S

Clients & Prospects ASK

How much do you charge for supply staff?

New clients will be entitled to a new client discount lasting up to 4 weeks from the start date and agreed by the recruitment manager. Each job role has a different charge rate, inquire now for more information HERE: http://ow.ly/Z02450yBlkb

Where are you based?

We have an office based in Sedgley, Dudley. We supply locally to Sandwell, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Birmingham and we have other clients in further away areas.

Do you check supply staffs right to work?

Absolutely! Every candidate who is offered a position on the agency have to go through a compliance where we check all documentation including right to work checks. If we don't feel satisfied we have seen correct ID, we don't clear a candidate for work until we are happy its been resolved. Can we help you with any staffing needs? Chat to us here: http://ow.ly/sOoi50yBlm2

Do your candidates have an enhanced DBS?

Some roles we recruit for don't require an enhanced so we will apply for a basic, however the majority of our vacancies do. Without the processed DBS, we won't consider any candidate for work. 

enhanced, based on role - encouraged to go on update service. We also encourage every candidate to register for the update service and the importance of it. We encourage all employers who process DBS' for candidates to share the importance of the update service with them. More info on the benefits HERE: http://ow.ly/oQ9Y50yBjUr

Are you with a Professional Associations for recruitment agencies?

As a supply agency based in Dudley, we are proud to associate ourselves with APSCO. We thrive off high standards of recruitment and work with APSCO to ensure we meet our own high expectations.

We also are disability confident committed and have associations with the Black Country Chamber.